Our Publications

BOTANICAL SYMBOLS IN WORLD RELIGIONS – A Guide, Pittsburgh, 2013, 99pp., lavishly illustrated with a thorough introduction to the theme (ISBN 0-929699-12-2). A selection of botanical symbols used by Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and Taoism.  $ 15.-

PLANTS OF THE BIBLE AND THEIR USES, Irene Jacob, Pittsburgh, 2002, 150 pp., illustrated, (ISBN 0-929699-14-9). Descriptions, growing conditions along with ancient and modern uses are provided. $ 10.-

A TASTE OF HONEY, Marian Finegold (ed.), Pittsburgh, 2008, 43 pp. (ISBN 0-929699-20-3).  Recipes to  accompany the special exhibit “Land of Milk and Honey.” $ 5.00

GARDENING FROM THE BIBLE TO NORTH AMERICA – Essays in Honor of Irene Jacob, Pittsburgh, 2003, 138 pp., numerous color illustrations (ISBN 09-29699-149). $ 15.00

THE ENVIRONMENT IN JEWISH LAW AND ETHICS, edited by Walter Jacob in association with Moshe Zemer, 2003, 113 pp.. (ISBN 1-57181-431-0), $ 15.-

DINING WITH THE ANCIENTS  Recipes from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, edited by Karen Herzog, illustrated, Pittsburgh, 2000, 75 pp. $5.00

COOKING WITH BEER, edited by Karen Herzog, Pittsburgh, 1998, 18 pp. $3.00

THE HEALING PAST Pharmaceuticals in the Biblical and Rabbinic World, edited by Irene and Walter Jacob, E.J.Brill, Leiden, 1993, 126 pp., (ISBN 90 04 09643 4), presents the papers of our international symposium on ancient medicine in Egypt, Israel, Mesopotamia, and early Rabbinic Judaism. Published as part of Studies in Ancient Medicine. (order from Brill)

BIBLICAL PLANTS A Guide to the Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden, Irene Jacob, Pittsburgh, 1989, 60 pp., illustrated, (ISBN 0-929699-01-7). This guide describes the Biblical plants Plant names are given in English, Hebrew, German, French and Italian. (Out of print)

FORGOTTEN IMMIGRANTS, Plant Immigrants to Israel through Three Thousand Years, Irene Jacob with Walter Jacob, Pittsburgh, 1988, 23 pp. A selection of plants introduced to Israel in each century. $ 2.00

PAPYRUS, A Journal published during each of the summer months, edited by Irene and Walter Jacob, and Helena Nichols.  Pittsburgh, 1990-2016  Available free.

Order from Email: Biblicalgarden@rodefshalom.org, or by phone (412) 621-6566 

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