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Papyrus – June 2016

Garden Facts

Our Thirtieth 

We have entered our thirtieth year.  Since we began in 1987 mire than 70,000 visitors have enjoyed our garden.  Thousands of them have attended our lectures and  public tours.  We have hosted dozens of garden clubs, school, and church groups. Each year we have mounted a different special exhibit which augments our collection of biblical plants.  Each of those exhibits deals with an aspect of daily life ands shows how our Near Eastern ancestors dealt with the problems of their life.  Each exhibit has made the biblical world and that of the surrounding societies real to our visitors.  Mounting those exhibits, finding and growing the plants continues to be a challenge especially as they need to be sufficiently large to be enjoyed by our visitors.  This means that we need to work at least a year in advance.

Equally important is our endeavor to show that the Bible can be read in a different way – as an easy tie to our own lives.  We, of course, see the Garden continuing the long Rodef Shalom tradition of interfaith standing, so the world of plants can bring us closer to each other.

For further information contact Dr. Walter Jacob (412) 621-6566; FAX (412) 621-5475.

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